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Sandy :)
Stephen Liverpool, Earth I think Salutations It is with great regret that I have to report my suspicions that your visitors book probably no longer works. When I tried to leave a message, the book claimed to have processed it but sadly nothing appeared on the page, even when it was refreshed. The last entry is from some 6 weeks previously and this has added to my sorrowful speculation. Could you please be so kind as to investigate this unfortunate matter further? I would be inestimably grateful if you would. Yours faithfully Stephen 02/09/03 Hi Stephen, sorry abouth that! I have now added a few words beside the message panel explaining that messages left won't appear immediately. At present I have to put these pages together by hand, and if I'm off on holiday (I wish!) or too busy, messages stay in a POP3 box waiting for my attention. They all appear here eventually however, and they all get read! The plan still is to reply to them all as well, though you can see I have fallen behind! s
Stephen Liverpool, Earth I think Salutations Ant Attack or should that be 3D Ant Attack was one of my favourite games and one of the few I actually bought (I recognised the cassette cover in another page of your site). I wasn't obsessed enough to map it out though as that really would be too much effort so I can't begin to imagine the kind of patience and skill it took to actually program it in raw assembly language and translate it into machine code by yourself. Not to mention designing all those uncannily realistic ant graphics. I shake you by the hand sir. That was a truly mammoth achievement!
I finally managed to complete it. It was one of those games that had the playability just right. It was fun to explore and to try to find the character in distress. But it was also at the right difficulty level to make you think it was possible to complete which I finally managed to do. Bare in mind this was about 19 years ago so forgive any inaccuracies with my memory but weren't there 12 levels? And when you finished I think you were presented with a gold medal of sorts. Your follow up game Zombie Zombie passed me by for some reason and I've only learnt about it recently using the net. I think I may or may not have bought I of the Mask although I don't remember much about it. Perhaps it was too difficult or was it a strategy game? Anyway I didn't really get into it but I'll see if its being emulated on a retrogaming site. You're a very skilled programmer and artist. Please write some more games! Anyway take care. In the mean time I'll have a thorough look around your site.
31/08/03 Hi Stephen, many thanks - salutations even! (see you got a reply eventually! tho now I'll get a bunch of complaints from the kind souls who left messages before you did - hey I've decided to work backwards.. it's my site ok! and I'll be annoying if I feel like it! (oops I've done it now (nested parenthesis (redundant parenthesis())))) and thanks indeed for buying the game! I see that Geraint, 3 messages down, only played a "copy". Tsk tsk I'll be having words with him later... ;) To be perfectly honest I really can't remember how many levels there are. It's 20 years ago this year don't ya know! I do however remember the ending well, you are quite correct, you are presented with a medal of sorts... it's not real gold however, as Quicksilva wouldn't foot the bill... it's an alloy of BASIC and last-minute-itis. I think there was a day to go before the final final final deadline for finishing the game... and I had to come up with something... I think it takes a few minutes to draw the medal from concentric circles, such was the speed of BASIC. I am not surprised that the other games passed you by. They were not the big sellers that AA was. I of the mask was really a puzzle game, find the parts, and fit them together. As for writing more games well ya never know... however it's a way different deal these days... I have however started making electronic sculpture again, which is how I got into games in the first place... so it's probably more likely that you'll find me performing in an art gallery somewhere! Thanks for all the kind words, I hope you enjoy the site! s :)
Claudio The Coliseum of Rome GREAT JOB, Guy! I've grown with Ant Attack! My memories concerning the mid school consists of a lot of friends around a little black rectangular beeping box (the mythical Spectrum), a 14" colour TV, some biscuits and candies. One was at the motion controls, one at turning, one at cameras, one at supervising the other 3!!! What amazing nights!!! Thank you very much, Sandy! You're a 8'0's hero!!!
16/08/03 Hi Claudio! He he :) That's the first time I've heard of AA being played like that with several people controlling it! I didn't realise it could be "multi-player"! Hey! 80's Hero! Hmmnnn I like that Idea! (looks in mirror and strokes chin) Does that mean I'm up there with Howard Jones? Or Duran Duran maybe? err... perhaps not.... ;) nice to hear from you! s :)
Mats Pettersson Sweden Hi there! After playing Ant Attack in my early teens (i´m 35 now), the thing i remeber the most, is the LITTLE BOX outside of the city. Is it a dice of some kind. PLEASE let me know, i´ve been wondering for some years now... 10/08/03 Hi Mats, I think you are thinking of the little cube in the desert that has AMMO written on it (if you look all round it). I has no useful purpose, it was just an unused sprite... in fact it is the sprite that becomes the grenade when you launch a grenade. If you find it again on the emulator on the AA page of this site... you will see it vanish when you throw a grenade, then re-appear after the grenade has exploded! s :)
Geraint South Wales
The 1980s... Ant attack, Atic Atac, The Young Ones, BBC2 showing a season of marvellously awful 50s & 60s SF films. Ahhh the memories. Being a sagely 35, I can well remember swearing profusely over the control system for Ant Attack and being very pleased when I conquered it. A blindingly good game. I was very fond of Zombie Zombie too. I must admit - to my lasting shame - that I only played a copied program. As a result, it took ages to figure out what is was I was supposed to do. Still loved it though, and hearing the music on the website brought the memories flooding back. So please accept my thanks for providing me with a lot of happy times. Thank you. Best of health to you. 19/07/03 Catching up! Honest!
Matt Planet London Fantastic stuff. I was obsessed with this game and painstakingly mapped out the whole thing on squared paper. I also used to endlessly practice running along the zig-zagging walls until I could do so at high speed without falling off. I must also claim the all-time high-score - unless someone can beat it - 50009. I never bothered sending it in to Crash's High Score page because it was so far ahead of anyone else's I didn't think it would believed. My secret was the discovery that the choice of the next level was just the time outstanding modulo 4. By waiting for a half-second on exiting each level you could ensure an entire game through the ten easiest levels. I'm now a professional programmer (although not of graphics) and even now I would regard Ant Attack as a major undertaking, probably beyond my abilities. The fact you knocked it off in a few weeks, on the Z80 chip, with the Spectrum memory limitations, still seems extraordinary. 10/07/03  
Stef outside the slopey walls Ant Attack is a legend, a marvel of its day, can't wait to see a re-make on another platform. Many thanks. 13/06/03  
dbarrade 1984 Hey Sandy, Wow, when I was 13 playing Ant Attack, I never thought in a million years I would end up sending a message to the artist behind the game. Anyway, the other day I rented a game called ICO for the PS2, I was sitting there playing it with a friend thinking hang on a second, there's something about this game that's oddly familiar, so out came the Speccy and Ant Attack and we played that instead, the original is always better! OK, so the ant's are replaced by smoke creatures in ICO, but my 13 year old mind changed that little isometric world into a far more mysterious place than any state of the art graphics could portray, for this I must eternally thank you. In my mind you will always be one of the great software artists of our time. Thanks, Dean
 Debbie-anne Portch  Hertfordshire Hi Sandy. Just wanted to say thank-you for my favourite of all games. I used to beg to borrow my older Brother's Spectrum when I was young (!), and AA was by far the game I played the most. I even copied out the final page by hand, to prove I had completed it!!! I was completely gutted when my Brother sold the computer and games, and have longed to find AA ever since. Imagine my joy when a computer-literate friend of mine told me I could play it online! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I love this game, and now my Husband and kids can see what I've been raving about for all these years. Who needs Playstation?!!!!!!!!!   11/05/03  
Dover, UK
Hi... wow!, what a memory jogger!... I played this in AWE as a kid... Its funny, I have just played (and finished) one on the LATEST 3D games on the market, called Unreal II 'The Awakening'.. it is a stunning game, BUT I only played it for 4 evenings.. I finished it and got bored of it!!, however, I think I played AA for a whole summer holiday!.. just goes to show, "the concept and playability of the game STILL outweighs the visuals".. hehehe.. 13/04/03  
Tony Hill Edinburgh Hi Sandy ! You may remember me - big red building - Lauriston Place - Tunde & Co. ? well thats how I found your site anyway. Glad to see your doing OK; a bit of a pc legend I gather. Are you in touch with anyone else from college days? Drop me a line. Cheers !!! 07/04/03  
Mark Manchester UK Nice to see Mr Sandy White is still out and about! I grew up with me Spectrum, those games, wow! That music on 'Zombie Zombie' WOW! And, why , if I'm not mistaken, can I not find any reference to the CLASSIC 'I,Of The Mask'? This game astounded me when it came out. That big robot head coming up towards you was very menacing, I loved it, running round that maze, shooting huge parts of a robot, all VERY bizarre at the time. Was it by any chance influenced by the arcade game I, Robot? Or by some bizarre acid trip? Anyway, glad to see you're still about! Great site! 17/03/03  
Joao Brazil Why don't you publish under GPL the whole code of Ant Attack. everybody would collaborate to write it. 03/03/03  
ian marks sussex, england Don't know if your site is still operational, or updated, but wanted to write to the author of one of my top three spectrum games. remember being in awe of ant attack (along with knight lore and lords of midnight) still play it today. always wanted zombie zombie, but never got it. recently played it on zx32 emulator, it was very good, but it wasn't ant attack. a truly remarkable game. i remember the fun of pushing your partner off a high building or throwing them to the ants. very free roaming, an early gtaiii perhaps. thank you for the entertainment. 26/02/03  
René Thalund Århus, Denmark Remember spending an entire christmas playing the excellent AA. Just replayed it on The MacSpectacle emulator. Sandy: How did you go about the design of the buildings / features of the deserted city in terms of inspiration etc? 17/02/03  
Alex Farlie ? Why WMA and not Ogg? I was planning on migrating to GNU/Linux
and that can't play WMA... :-( But can play Ogg and MP3 (for the moment.)
Franner Recently of Antchester Hooray! Ant Attack was, and sadly I think still is, my favourite game of all time. I spent more time on this than any other game. How many other games could you play as a girl, for one thing? I remember getting a high score of 47000 and something, and sent it off to Crash magazine where I duly had my head placed on a spike and my high score printed. I'm so glad I foudn this site. I just had my first game in about 20 years, and it was still great, although I used to know all the likely positions of the rescuee and now I don't. Thanks for taking the trouble, Snady. You always were my hero! 12/01/03  
Dave Edinburgh Hi Sandy, Its been great reading your page and playing Ant Attack again. I even have it running on my Speccy emulating phone! I remember one of the magazines running a great competion to win loads of Spectrum kit that used AA as a basis for the question. You had to name the places your partner would need rescued from then complete a question to be placed in the national press and call a hotline. I skipped school for the day and got the paper only to find that the question wasnt published in editions as far north as Scotland! Dont think I ever bought that particular magazine again.
Cheers Dave

Dear Mr White i did a little page about Ant Attack, wich is, according to me, one of the best game i have ever played on my speccy ! In a first time, i decided to make a sequel in full 3D of AA but after a few month i gave up because of my poor knowledge in programing... Nevertheless, what it remains of my work is the city of Antesher running under a little (but powerful) 3D engine... Take a look here. It's my tribute to the work you did and i hope you'll like it ... With all my sympathy and my admiration, Marc PS: scuse my poor english, i'm french and I do not speak often English ;-)

Mark S slightly to the left We're doing wiggythings wioth mobile phones and Java2ME at the moment - well why not a Spectrum emmy!?? Have a great Xmas you old goat, and love to M Mark xx 20/12/02  
Mark Telford Awsome!!! I remembered being ripped off by the school thug for 4 quid (1 weeks dinner money) for a manky photocopy of the full map of antecher. 4 quid well spent. Goodness knows what made me put zx spectrum into the search engine today while I was bored. P.S. I actually purchased the game (I think I still have it in the loft somewhere)Thankyou for making the spectrum scary for me. P.P.S. The spectrum is even more scary now as I just realised how long ago all this was AHHHHHH 15/12/02  
Andy Campbell Deepest Darkest Lanarkshire Fantastic to hear the "Zombie Zombie" theme thru decent speakers at last - no more "hot-wiring" the Speccy leads to the cassette recorder sockets to amplify the volume!
You can stuff Hubbard, Daglish et al... the best 80's game music bar none!
/\ndy/\/\c... thepcclub Hahaha lol, soz somit someone said above bout getting an educational tape :) hehe. Anyway I also loved Ant Attack, played it for a long time and now can't even remember how to play it. Aint it funny how now when we see the old computer games how when we was small they seemed almost as good graphics as todays games but now when we look :) Also Sandy very clever use of colours as I can remember how the sprites used to half change colour when near another :) Anyway I got this link from Hobs Emu page, what a great Java Speccy Emulator :) My first game ever I think and I'm not 100% sure but I think and am sure it was Jumping Jack :) and I LUV'd it :) hehe! anyway bye for now! :) 21/10/02  
Lord Of Poo Uranus Sandy, that is one of the most haunting tunes I have ever heard. Strangely the speccy version sounds the best. Along with others you ruined my life. Well I can't say that that as I'm really successful! But you know what I mean.... Lords of Midnight and 3d Ant Attack and Zombie Zombie, the Hobbit, Dragon Torc of Avalon, I only pirated Zombie Zombie..sorry Mate but bought the rest. Never saw Zombie in my local WH Smiths! My worst buys where some shit by Simon Shepherd and Knight Lore. God speed to ya, don't be embarresed by the Zombie Zombie tune it rocks :)...still playing it as I write :) 12/10/02  
Zoglet UK but looking towards the Sun Hi Sandy! What can I say? Well "Nice one fella" for starters. Funny to find myself here after all these years, Ain't technology fab? (especially the shiny bits) You made life just that little bit more magical for many of us all those years ago with AA, checked the source out on the site, can we have the other pages? lol. I still remember bunking off school to ring in for the Crash competition to win a world's worth of speccy goodies (including the wierd baseless joystick) if you could find the "secret item" outside the walls (doddle, been round that void for EVER by then ;o). I rang and rang the number, which was dead cos lines opened at 9 or 9:30, I rang again and suddenly the phone started ringing. I was frantic with excitement.... It rang....and rang...and rang. I got more nervous. Wrong number? It couldn't be. It could be (no redial then). I let it ring again, the time was ticking on. I put the phone down and tried again. ENGAGED!!!! Noooooooo!!! I was inconsolable for weeks afterwards. If the guy who won that competition visits these pages and reads this... Oi! I want my bits that I shoulda won ya big stinker!!!! ;op Take care Sandy 11/10/02  
David Exton Brighton, England What a genuinely pleasant surprise to find this site, and hosted by yourself to boot! I love/d Ant Attack, it had an atmosphere all of its own, really tense and lonely - for my money, Resident Evil is just another AA remake:) I have to admit I absolutely sucked at AA 'back in the day' and it's comforting to see I'm no better now. I promise to keep at it though:) 29/09/02  
Jan Gnapp Bournemouth Hi Sandy! Having hit the big 3-0 this year, I've been progressively sinking in a swamp of nostalgia, a big part of it involving emulators and all things retro games. A rather quiet night at work and some Spectrum related internet browsing has resulted im me "stumbling" across your site and I have to say, it brings on a really warm glow and a tear to the eye! It's good to know your still out there tinkering away (V-id Engine) and its refreshing to see the healthy attitude you have towards home coders paying homage to your groundbreaking game! I think Ant Attack shows how much more imagination we gamers had back then... Compared to todays all-singing-all-dancing fps 3d engines that spoon feed the eyes, it may look like a few stick figures and some blocks but when I played it as a kid, images more like the cover art would be rushing through my mind's eye fueled by the colourfull backstory from the inlay. Anyway, enough of my rambling, best wishes with all your future endeavours! 19/09/02  
M.A.F Falkirk,The Scotland.(Earth) Mars calling Mr White! Well flippen heck was i glad i found this site?Yes i bloody was/am!!!Not only do i find a humorous well presented and entertaining site,but its run by the god of the Spectrum clive sincla.....Sandy White!!!! Ant Attack,what can i say that hasnt already been said about this game? Naff all apparently! But ill say something anyway that being Ant Attack was the most addictive,compelling,technically ahead of its time games,which i loved dearly!Thanks for being arsed! And what a suprise to see one of the pioneers of computer gaming/programming alive and breathing on the net! I was 14 when i first played Ant Atack in 1984,it was a "backup"version sorry Sandy(how much cash did you make from that game Sandy,just out of pure nosieness you understand) My mum bought me a Spectrum 48k from Goldbergs in the high street in Falkirk after much pestering! And ive loved her dearly ever since(the spectrum not my mum arf arf sorry mother) Ive grown up a wee bit since(not much) and now im involved in the 64 music remix scene being a member of remix 64 .com(lovely) I realy like your Zombie Zombie music,a candidate for a full remix if ever there was one,and i will do my best to give it a go,i use my Amiga 1200 for sequencing my "machines" i think i have to update!Anyway sorry for going on and without sounding very cliched,keep it up!!!! 15/09/02  
warner ? hi i just want to no cheers peaple tellme some 12/09/02  
alan cape town wow - i can't believe i'm actually at the ant attack website! playing this game on my speccie over 10 years ago, closer to 15 maybe, i was amazed at how far ahead of its time it was. there was no game like it and it was brilliant. my speccie actually overheated and blew up while playing it! honest. :) 29/08/02  
Alex Ward Guildford Sandy, helllo again. Crash Lab ? Explain ! What happened to it ? 25/08/02  
Ashley palmer Wolverhampton TOP BANNANA!!!!!!!!
Ever since I started my job as a boring sales executive, I was limited to solitare, however, saving girls and boys in the world of Ant Attack has feeled me with solice and harmony (that is until my pub lunch break!). Fantastic!, it has brought so many memories back to me! CHEERS SANDY! SMASH
gaz chester
...Google searched your name on a whim, I remember Ant Attack being sold at 6 pounds fifty, a FULL pound more than most of the other games at the time!!! it was quite a decision for a 13 year old! BTW i once got in Popular Computing Weekly for the top score at AA (48000 odd) sad eh? All the best Top Game Gaz 19/08/02  
Jack London Blimey - THE Sandy White! I only came across this webby when it was mentioned on Usenet's C.S.S. I'm afraid that I probably have nothing new to say, so I'll be quick. Although gaming has reached new and incredible heights you have the right to say "In 1983 I wrote one of, if not, the best game(s) in the world". 4 minute miles are nothing new today, but when Roger Bannister first broke it, it was staggering. Hold your head up high, Sandy. I have nothing but respect for you. 16/08/02  
Paul Dublin Ah yes. Hot summer mornings in 1984 (in the days when we had summer!), the living room window wide open, a big old Ferguson colour telly (the only telly in the house) and Ant Attack! I absolutely LOVED AA - one of the first with such a sense of freedom. Thank you very much for a superb game, then and now! You were as much a celeb back then as Howard Jones or Nik Kershaw and as regards getting the opportunity to write a message that you'll actually read, it's an utter privilege. Cheers lad! 14/08/02  
Dan Ireland Great game Sandy, and a great site. Thanks for all your hard work - Cheers! 13/08/02  
Dan Ireland Hi Sandy. All these years on and Ant Attack is STILL a great game! Thanks for all your hard work on the game and this site - Cheers! 13/08/02  
Underground Hellish State Of Georgia (yeehaw) Cruising through the electrons we come. We saw, we read, we said.....coool. 09/08/02  
Dreadful Scathe Falkirk re: your reply to Raimondo "hutt" Jacksonio Over the fence at the bottom of your garden USED to be all fields - its now horrible modern houses..and a new road. Population explosion or what - if only giants ants could stop property developers :). Hows Robin BTW ? :) 05/08/02  
Matt Duke Bergen, Norway Dear Sandy White. Ant Attack was the business. You have written a page in history and given enjoyments to Thousands of people. Cheers for that. If that doesn't make you feel better about working in insurance when you look in thr mirror, nothing will. With admiration and Thanks. 27/07/02  
Wavyhill Hathzoril Couldn't believe it when I saw this on the site, but it's true! Ant Attack is back! There was always something eerie about the game - you really felt that you were somewhere else, and the pitter patter of the feet just added to it. It's funny how when you look at things like Metal Gear or Tomb Raider, they haven't got the same sense of atmosphere as speccy classics like Ant Attack or Bugaboo. I loved Zombie Zombie too, although the ability to take off in a helicopter meant that it didn't have the same "shit-I'm-trapped" sense about it. I recall being pissed off that the reviews in YS & Crash made no mention of the fact that here at last was a game with two-channel sound! Anyway, great site and glad to see that Spectrum classics and their authors still live one. Let's see something on I, Of The Mask - that was a truly revolutionary bit of coding and let's be honest, paved the way for Doom, Quake et al! 22/07/02  
Antonio Guerra Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain Wow, It´s been great to know you spent some time in Lanzarote in the early 80´s. It´s an amazing island, really, and I found it very inspiring. I don´t know if "I of the Mask" (IOTM) was born in your mind then, but surely what matters is how influencial it was in people like me. Games like that, "Revolution" or "Fat worm blows an sparkly" (clearly Costa Panayi and Durell Software came there after you introduced 3D with Ant Attack) weren´t the amazing success they deserved, but they stay in my mind as clearly as if I got to play them just yesterday, it´s been for almost 2 decades and sure it´ll be forever in my mind. I pray for the programmers who gave me so many good things in the past, and I´m so glad I can thank you for it personally! Now I have in my hands a spanish speccy magazine where you were interviewed and man, you were one of my greatest youth heros. And you know what? I can´t believe you´re going to read this... things like this give internet some real sense. Just for the record... I´ve played Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Unreal, the sequels... but I´ve never that sense of inmersion as playing IOTM, I was so scared when I faced the Mask!! I found all the members and finished the game... 5 or 6 times I think. I hope you can teach some programmers about replayability and concept design, you have what I miss more in today´s games. A spark of genious. Hope you have a wonderful life, you deserve it for doing mine and many others lots better. :) 21/07/02  
Jan van Put Belgium Hi Sandy, So this is where my Google search for "Ant Attack" ended up! Just on a whim I typed it in, reminiscing as I was about the Speccey days. AA was and is my all-time favorite, I was in absolute awe at the time that something like that could be done on a machine like the ZX. Thanks for giving me (and countless others) hours of fun. 19/07/02  
Mark A Eastbourne, Population 90k, average age 90years. Thanks for brining back childhood memories of a slap-head 30-somthing yearold. The site is brilliant, and missing only one thing to complete my childhood experience. You see I had (and I think still have somewhere) a Currah MicroSpeech Unit. Ant attack was one of the few games to support it, and I can't play Ant Attack without hearing the tinny "Metal-Micky" voice tonelessly saying "my hero, take me away from all this" in my head, I'd give a lot to actually hear it for real one more time. So, I know it's asking a lot, but can ANYONE add a plugin to the java to replicate that little black box? Please? Someone? Anyone? Pretty please? 18/07/02  
Stephen Thornber Blackpool, UK Oh my god!! - I can't believe I've found Sandy White! - you are a pioneer of the games industry. I can`t tell you how much I loved AA. a superb game in every way. - I finished it many many times. (liked the way it drew the medal at the end) good on you.. all I can say is, THANK YOU, for giving me so much fun many years ago. Sandy, you are a STAR.. and VERY talented one at that. 12/07/02  
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Kev Burton - Hey, someone's gotta live here Hey Sandy,
A bunch of friends and I were out for a meal recently (Sad middle aged gits!), and since we are all computer freaks (Sad middle aged geeky gits etc.!) we got round to the venerable Spectrum and all our stories of souping up and hacking - sad or wot? Anyway, we all united on the fact that we had all owned Ant Attack, and most of us Zombie Zombie. The only question we couldn't agree on was which game had the music routine - was it in both, or only ZZ? Either way, it was the best sound to grace the vibrating plate of the Spectrum! Then I find you've got a site up, what a coincidence. Thanks for losing me several days of my miss-spent youth Sandy! :-) Great site by the way, and a fun way to feel bloody old - I can name all the parts in the Speccy picture, I even had a microdrive...
Ed Ricketts Sunny Bath Hi Sandy Just saw the article in 3D World (which I used to edit, and still contribute to) and whizzed over here. Cool! I often wondered what happened to you... Like most folk, for me Ant Attack was the most amazing game I'd ever seen on the Speccy - and yes, I actually bought it, for £5.95 I think it was. Lots of dosh when you're 12... I used to spend hours footling about in the desert looking for all the hidden stuff. It was by playing Speccy games like AA that I first became hooked on computers, which eventually led to my job with a magazine publisher. So, thanks to you are in order for indirectly setting me up for my career... Cheers Ed 06/07/02  
James Anstruther, Fife Hi Sandy, any chance that you still have the source code and would make it available for download? I'd love to see it, and I'll bet someone out there would, y'know, fix the controls... :) 20/06/02  
Chris Thingy Nott'm
Amazin site Sandy! Nice to see you are still around. When is there going to be a Zombie Zombie page up? And when will there be an online Zombie zombie game ala AA???? "we're not worthy!!!!" 19/06/02  
Andy Bond

Hi Sandy, I meant to wish you Good Luck for XCom but I had to go to the pub instead. Here is a Well Done, I hope you enjoyed it (I wasn't there, I had to go to the pub). Anyway, Ant-Attack was the third game I ever bought and still haunts my memories (mainly nightmares about ants :-)) and I really fell in love with the girl sprite after saving her so many times! Take care, A.
Nigel "Chuckie Egg" Alderton Cold, wet, Manchester Hi Sandy. Nice to meet you at Xcom. I've certainly never been introduced to anyone and had a good ol' chin wag on stage in front of an audience before! Quite a strange experience. Keep in touch. I can't remember if we swapped email addresses - in fact I can't remember anything much about the xcom day after about the first couple of hours in the pub over the road, hic :) but it was all good wholesome geeky fun. I hope Dave organises another one next year. See you there? All the best. 14/06/02  
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