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Pedro Seville City, Southern Spain Well, I'm as happy as the little 5 year old boy I were when I played my first round of Ant Attack... On that times I couldn't even say my name in english, and I didn't understand that "congratulations" ... but music and some help made it... wew, it's been 19 years since then... I just found out your web page, trying to remember that so good game... well... I just spent last 2 hours playing... ahh feels so good :). My deepest thanks :) BTW, did you know that there was a spanish version of your game? (I found it as soon as I could understand english one hehehe) *06/06/02  
Gordon Burford

Oxford(ish), England.
You B*stard. Do you realise how much damage you did to my education by releasing Ant Attack? Actually you'd have done even more if i'd been able to get Zombie Zombie as well. Unfortunately at the time I was about 10 and my little sister was allowed to choose the next game we got. Of course, since she was 8 at the time, she chose the only thing with teddy bears on it - Imagine's dire "Ah, Diddums". Many months later we were ready to buy the next game. Mum couldn't work out why I was so upset when SHE decided to choose, and bought a CALPAC educational tape for me to come home from school to. She actually believed the inlay's cobblers about the games being "fun and entertaining". Like hell they were. It was shortly after this I decided to become a serial software pirate! - Although no one I knew had Zombie Zombie, so I never got to play it. Now i'm afraid to download it an play it in case my illusions of perfection are shattered. I actually came here looking for a good quality image of the cover artwork to put on a t-shirt that I am making. I have one of those T-shirt kits for inkjet printers, you see, and wanted something geeky-funky to put on it. 18/05/02  
Sandy White Australia hello, I keyed my name into Google and found i was a computer expert 27/04/02  

Manchester (24 hour party person)

Gareth Sandy - I rember when you released the game you attempted to incorporate some new type of copy protection, can you refresh my memory as to what it was and how it worked. 23/04/02

Farnborough Hi Sandy. Only recently found this site. Nice to know that some speccy 'celebs' are still around! :) Ant Attack was the *first* game I played on my Speccy. I had a 16K one and bought AA only to find it was a 48K title. I scrimped and saved for the memory upgrade from Video Vault. Once installed AA was loaded and an excellent time was had by myself. Thanks so much for an excellent bit of coding. Still to this day it's one of those games which brings back a lot of wonderful nostalgic memories for me, and I'm sure a lot of other people. Cheers, popey. 21/04/02  
rev_camus USA
POO! *17/04/02  
Geoff Tunbridge Wells I got here by accident and don't play games but I like the site and will send my son the link--he is a games fan. *06/04/02  
William H Blair, III White House, Washington D.C. Hi, Right, can you finally confirm or deny the existence of the mythical second city in Ant Attack? Nice site by the way, but the front page is too cluttered. And that annoying flicking bit of light that follows your cursor is a mistake, IMHO. Oh and the window randomly resizes every now and then. PRobably my fault for using IE but too many webshites break under opera.. *06/04/02  
Cliff London Hello Mr White Ant Attack - I don't ever remember completing your masterpiece on the Spectrum, although I came pretty close a few times. Fast forward 20 years... I discover a Spectrum emulator for my Apple Mac, load up Ant Attack and manage to rescue 10 damsels on my second attempt! Suddenly it feels good to be a 30-year-old! Just thought I'd share that with you. Cheers! *20/02/02  
Martha Bournemouth Hi Sandy, I'm currently writing an open source java version of ant attack/zombie zombie and was wondering (if it's not too cheeky) whether you could give me a pointer on how you achieved things. For authenticity and to get the version as near as dammit the same as yours...this will make your brain itch... 1) What algorithm did you use to get the ants to follow the people? 2) What algorithm did you use to get the zombies to follow the person and the algorithm that is used when they are being repelled? 3) What algorithm did you use to get the found person to follow you? 4) What algorithm designates whether the scanner is red or green in ant attack? 5) What algorithm designates what ants are blown up with the grenades? Well thats about the whole game, fancy coding it as well ;-) Cheers Martha *15/02/02  
Anthony Tod
Ever thought about making a version of ant attack for a mobile phone? 4 colour grey scale or web safe 256 colour? *15/02/02  
bbulldog germany (if its on this planet) Hi Sandy, well i must say what a game....... being one of the people who had a copy writen in handwriting on the label with many other titles, but must admit i did have originals of many a game, i have just got an original of ant attack through ebay to add to my ever growing collection of only originals now. once again what a game still keeps me up at night............. *14/02/02  
Luzie Germany Dear Sandy! Above Mats Ranlind from Stockholm, Sweden posted about playing Speccie Games even on Nokia´s mobile phones. No this came true with the ZX9200 Spectrum-Emulator for the Nokia 9210/9290 communicator from see: Overall ANT ATTACK is one of my all-time favourites :-) Cheeris, Luzie *13/02/02

tsk tsk!)
Hi Luzie, thanks for that info... I was very curious to know how it could be done, and now I know! Glad you liked the game! s :)
Zac McAdam holywood (one L !) Well, Sandy, thanks for that class game, Ant Attack! I loved it, even showed it to my first girlfriend. My, that lasted long. Maybe. Anyway... i never finished it either, and never played Zombie Zombie, must get an emulator. Sorry i didnt read the site cover to cover before starting this but why did you stop coding? and have you ever thought of game design even if the programing has movedr on slightly :) ? btw thanks for the link to the ritman site - its class too. All the best Zac *13/02/02

tsk tsk!) 

Hi Zac, showing it to your first girlfriend must have been a real "rite of passage"! I am chuffed you liked AA too ;) I don't think anyone has asked me why I stopped coding before... Actually.. I never have, though I did stop writing Speccy games - I suppose at the point where successful Speccy games were so big in terms of gameplay content that I felt I could no longer compete. It is technical innovation that has always dragged me into things - and after "I of the Mask" with it's filled polygon 3D graphics I felt like I'd pushed the old Speccy, bless it's heart, as far as I could without going bonkers. There's no doubt that programming has moved on a lot since 1983, it's become much easier! ;) High level languages like C++ have seen to that, together with the colossal processing power available. A great deal of the effort and long hours that went into making those oldie puters do stuff was torturing the op-codes - shunting binary numbers around and coming up with algorithmic fudges and mathematical bodges to make things execute quickly... usually by not quite doing them properly. Programming for a modern machine is a joy, 'cos you can concentrate on the algorithms themselves... write it all in floating point if you like.. something that was impossible in Speccy days. As for designing games... well, I'm always daydreaming about the next great game I could write... I guess if inspiration strikes I might drop everything and give it another go! The idea, however, of working in the games industry as a designer fills me with dread! Looks far too much like a 9 to 5 desk job for my liking! s :)

David Morgan Northampton, UK I was looking at an article on about how the most innovative games don't make as much money as the copies. I remembered Ant Attack and although it was a great success though I guess not as big as you would have liked - financially. Looking from the outside - Gamespy technology for me represents another big change in gaming -in that games are being played live around the world against real people and not semi-intelligent 'ants'.


tsk tsk!)

Hi David, I'm interested to hear that they think that about innovative games - I wonder if they managed to put their finger on why? Maybe the companies who are innovating are thinking less about being commercial than companies who are copying their ideas... hmmnn.. food for thought. I think it would have been hard to have much bigger a success than Ant Attack at that point in time, and for a first time programmer coming into the industry I could have done a lot worse for myself in terms of royalties than I did. Sure it would have been nice to have made more money (it's always nice to make more money), but I think the only way I could have done that would have been to have pulled more top selling titles out of my magicians hat... or to have become involved in publishing and/or developing in the sense of employing others, something I was never interested in. I agree online multiplayer gaming is all looking very exciting and beats the proverbial out of playing against dumb synthsects! s:)

tsk tsk!)
Hi GRAMAJOANN, I'm sorry, I haven't heard of the other Ant Attack you are looking for... I am sure I did once come accross a US published game called Ant Attack, but I can't find it now on Google... if anyone reading this has seen such a thing, perhaps they would be good enough to drop us a line... I wish you success, and hope it turns up before your grandson isn't little any longer! best wishes :)
col p walsall There was a fair size piece in last Octobers PC ZONE (#107)about 3D Ant Attack (in the Retro Zone section). The other games they mentioned that were around at the same time were Cookie, Snowball (level 9) and the original Castle Wolfenstein (C64), these games really take me back to my youth. Many thanks for continuing to dedicate so much time to your site. *01/02/02

tsk tsk!)
Hi col p... wish I'd seen it... and now I'm a year too late! Still nice to know it was mentioned with such classics... I feel like a fraud accepting your thanks for devoting so much time to the site... when effectively I've had a year off! You're right though, it takes time... more than ever I thought... cheeersz s :)
sashmaister london nightmare Hi Sandy I love the website and after blowing myself up so many times I have managed to really enjoy the game! It is so great to hear the music as well, so cool. That Halloween green outfit will certainly always be remembered. :-) S. *31/01/02

tsk tsk!)
Hi Sasha! London Nightmare - how true! Sorry taking so long to answer... yours was one of a whole batch (marked now with asterisks) that got stored up at my old site's POP3.. and I only just found! Silly of me not to have killed the old site and done a re-direct. You are the Sasha I know from London? That's the trouble with these cryptic names... but who else would know about the halloween green outfit! Glad you found the site and played the game! If you read this, drop me an email... I don't have your email address - wishes s :)

Jacky Moore

- Hi Sandy, I work with your wee s***e of a brother. He's OK really, but I was wondering if your manners were as bad as his? Love your ant game, by the way. Bye Jacky 04/04/02 Hi Jacky, glad you like the game. Mine are much better naturally!. s ;)

Knight Rider


BRILLIANT!! I can't believe I stumbled over this site. Firstly, excellent job on Ant Attack. Secondly, I can't BELIEVE you didn't receive much more recognition for your insights and ACTUALLY applied them to the ZX Spectrum with such GREAT results.... The ONLY comparison would be Knight Lore and the like - but then, we are talking Ultimate. Thirdly, i'm going to contact EVERY Speccy Site out there (and to a lesser extent), the C64 following - and direct them to this place. You never know, page FIVE will soon be full on your Guestbook. *Runs off to spread the word* Knight Rider. 01/04/02

Hi Knight Rider! I'm very cheered you enjoyed the site so much, spurs me on to do more, and I guess it means that the new javascript menus are working ok too (phew!). Many thanks for your generous comments - and for spreading the word :) - yip, page 5 has already been hand crafted, and is hanging out to dry in readiness for any potential influx. s :)

Dr Bob

Hi Sandy! I remember when Ant Attack first came out, me and my mates thought it was awesome (once the 'unique' keyboard controls were mastered)... One of the finest pieces of 8-bit software ever made. Also, to answer a question posed by Andreas Sauer, one of the best Speccy emulators is ZX32, and can be found at: Finally, on your Ant Attack page, you state: "QUICKSILVA present... (why oh why did I not put presents?)" Well, worry not, as present (without the 's') is actually grammatically correct, as Quicksilva is a singular entity, therefore not requiring the plural form of the verb. So the game IS perfect after all... :-) Take care 27/03/02 Hi Dr Bob... many thanks! ahem... yes I know... those "unique" keyboard controls ;) ahhh... with the benefit of hindsight they could have been so much better... I mean so much more normal... Cheers for the link, I hope Andreas Sauer has either found something, or tunes in here again. Regards grammar... well I was convinced at the time that it was correct... but then someone told me it was wrong; but at last I am vindicated! Good man! s ;)

John Dow

Edinburgh, Scotland

Teehee - hello lovely man! You're a very shiny chap indeed. So, at the end of my first day of work on a new freeware remake of the fantabulous Ant Attack, I thought it only fair and write to post a link to the first screenshots here :)

(nicked from John's web-page- go visit to see more & big)

26/03/02 Hi John.. I thank you sir... and I do polish myself regularly with beeswax. I'm not permanently in a good mood by the way, it's just that I only reply when I'm in the mood for writing. I'm chuffed that you've thought to do an AA rewrite, I can see you've done many others. Love the screenshots, especially the way you have rendered sand on the desert floor... Looking forward to seeing more. s :)


here there and Germany
hi Sandy, just a quick one, anyone looking for the original Ant Attack there is one for sale in ebay at not bad at 1,50 for the time 13/03/02 Hi again bbulldog, thanks for that... sorry I didn't get your message up here in time for it to be any use to anyone. £1.50 eh? a bargain! ;).... hmnn.. wonder if I still get royalties....


Germany it is somewhere on this planet :-) thought i would give you another message, as i have just had a big achievement. I have just got an original copy of Ant Attack!! after so many years, but dont tell everyone as they will all want one. Got this through the online auction ebay.. it fills a big gap in my collection of speccy games. am just putting together a homepage with info on speccy's and of course games including online playing of all games i have, only if these games have been given to use by the copyright owner (Ultimate dissallow this).. will bring you up to date when i have finished. 28/02/02 Hi bbulldog, I'm amazed to hear that you got hold of a copy of AA after all these years, and glad to hear that it is still cause for celebration! I know how you feel though, emulations are one thing, but there is something special about owning an original of something. I still treasure old copies of games, and indeed computers. I recently bought a complete Amiga 500 and a big bag of original games from a second hand shop for £10... I've aready got a couple of Amigas, but I just couldn't resist! Good luck with the homepage! s :)


Planet Honeybug

Hello Sandy, You don't know me, I'm Ni's girly :¬) Noticed that Ni's site has had a few visitors from here, so thought I would pop in and say 'hello'. Looking around the site and then looking around our spare room I notice Ni's got an old KV1400 Trinitron Telly, an old rubber keyed 48k speccy and a Casio VL-tone mini synth lying around. Is it a family trait to collect retro gear? :¬) While I'm here, let it never be forgotten that Ant Attack was the first game to allow the player the choice of being a hero or a heroine. Without Sandy White would there have been a Lara Croft? xJenna PS. I love your molecules, especially the colours!

(ed: note for the perplexed, Ni is Sandy's cousin, his site links from the music page)
(sandy: who is this 'ed' person?)

Hi Jenna, what a pleasure to have you drop in! I don't know about retro gear being a family trait... but quite possible hoarding is! I think it's really funny that Ni's got the exact same bits lying around as I do... mind you, many who have left messages here probably have the same sort of stuff kicking around too. Yep, AA may have let you be a girly or a boyy, but apparently this didn't mean that many girls actually played, judging by the overwhelmingly male response to this site ... So it's especially nice to hear a female voice around here! As for Lara, well it was probably inevitable that as soon as computers gained the ability to render breasts in real time that there would be a female action heroine! It's purely the result of the male desire to ogle at women... In fact, given that Tomb Raider won't let you choose to be a bloke, it might be considered to be rather sexist... I have to say that the molecules are my own favourite part of this site... esp with the bgnd sound (you installed the koan plugin?) I'm really glad you like them! :) I intend to add some more stuff like that around here.. for no reason other than the aesthetic! Anyway - I hope we shall meet eventually - can you not get that bloke of yours to set up a gig in Southampton? xSandy PS I thought I was doing ok with my site designing 'til I saw Ni's... sigh... ;)
Steven Knock
Essex, UK

Hi Sandy, It's great to see this site and the tremendous response to it. For me, Ant Attack was one of the Spectrum's finest moments, and it seems plenty of people agree with me. The main reason I'm writing is to tell you and your disciples that I've written a 3d renderer / map editor based on the game, which you can find at: If you deem it worthy, feel free to link to it on your AA page. Thanks for such an inspirational game, Steve

(nicked from Steve's web-page)

Hi Steve, many thanks! Worthy? What a question! ;) Your Map Editor, and the renders on your web-page are truly excellent! It's fascinating to see such perspective views of Antesher... familiar, yet unfamiliar if you know what I mean. I love the textures and the fog effect, which makes it look quite eerie. I captured this shot of the gates of Antescher, then started modifying it in Photoshop... this 'night view' is the result:

The possibilities are endless! You mention (in your map editor) that it's probably a lot quicker than anything I used when I wrote the game... You are quite right, it is much faster than squared paper and a pen! ;) It's a very nice scheme you've come up with, I wish I had had it in 1983. (mind you, I'd have had nothing to run it on) Disciples... hmmmnn... I don't know if I'm quite ready to be worshipped yet ;) ... need to perform a few miracles first ... meanwhile I suggest that we might all be disciples of the one true god, the ZX Speccy <sound of thunder>. I very nearly said Sir Clive Sinclair <lightening strikes close by>, but remembered the C5, proof if any were needed, that Sir Clive is only human <ahh.. sun comes out again>. Thank you Steve for such an inspirational bit o programming! Yes.. let's see those sunsets and shadows... I can wait a year or two (if I have to) s :)

So what are you waiting for? Follow this link to see Steve's own full colour renders, download his map editor and get building / rendering yourself!
Rick Peck
Yesod (Nodes of)
Hi Sandy, What a pleasure it was to stumble upon your site! I have been into video games since the early dawn and owned just about every machine you can imagine. But for me the golden age of video games will always be the era of the spectrum whith fantastic games such as your Ant Attack, a game which was way ahead of its time and paved the way for other ground breaking games. I suppose you have been asked this question thousands of times, but how about programming a new Ant Attack for the PC? I don't mean a version with updated and fancy graphics, but one with a new city (maybe cities). I think the graphics and gameplay could remain the same as they were in the original (why mess with perfection). Anyway a pleasure to meet you, I bow down before you Spectrum Guru!
Hi Rick, very glad you have enjoyed visiting the site... and I hope you didn't hurt yourself... ;) re New version of the game... well it's all about finding time innit... mind you with Steve's editor (above) at my disposal, perhaps I'd be daft not to give doing a new city a go at least... mind you, now you can do your own! Many thanks for the nice words about AA, I agree that there was something special about the Speccy era... I think it was because it really was the dawn of a new age - the age of personal computing. Arise Sir Rick! s ;)
if Germany is on this planet
Hi, another of many comment about a fabulous game, it certainly had me up until the early hours of many a morning....i still dream about the good old days on a rubber keyed speccy.
Hi bbuldog, many thanks! don't know about Germany being on this planet... I have been there, but I think I had to go in some kind of space vehicle... Do you remember the old story about the guy who dreamed he was eating marshmallow, and woke up chewing his pillow? Take care if you are dreaming about playing with rubbery keys... you just don't know what you might find yourself doing when you wake... s :)
Bah Humbug
Edinburgh (Gilmerton)
IT CANNAE BE !! - MY programming IDOL is writing software that SELLS INSURANCE online ??!! *howl* Come back to the DARK SIDE, (pretty please ?) comon, SS Java stinks anyway, COME TO THE DARK SIDE LUKE! Ah well... I was in fourth year at secondary (Firhill high) when AA came out - I am now a sad old programmer and still marvel at how you managed to squeeze so much game into such a small space (without an assembler too). Its a bit like trying to comprehend how DNA can build a human being! (Same can be said for Ritman's 'Batman'). By the way I liked the game so much that I will be buying the T-shirt ! I am also hoping I can get AA to run on a speccy emulator for a PDA i will be buying soon.
Hi Bah, ahhh.. Edinburgh... the eighties... the memories... thank you! well - at least I was an IDOL for a bit! ;) *Aaaahhhhrrrrr.. kraakkk*... that's the sound of one falling... Whaddaya mean the DARK SIDE... you think insurance isn't DARK? ;) INSURANCE is so dark it's almost black. Really really it is! Insurance is evil... I repeat that into the mirror every morning. Well, if the games *business* wasn't just as boring as the insurance business, I would probably still be writing games... If the games business ever gets less boring...well... I like your DNA analogy... I always liked the idea of writing small code that expanded or generated data... that's how I'd do it on today's machines too. Yip these games were small.. they really had to be... and you got me thinking... the rotating question mark at the top of this page, on it's own at 33k, would almost have filled up an entire 48k Speccy! Drop us another note, if you can, if you get AA to run on your PDA... I'm quite interested in that meeself... s :)

Antonio Guerra

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
I just wanted to thank you for one of the greastest games in history. "I of the Mask" was one of the brightest moments in videogames and completely ahead of their time, but for me was awesome then as it is now and forever. Thank you very much for writing it, I´ll always remember your name. Antonio Guerra.-
Hi Antonio, many thanks for those nice thoughts! :) Funnily enough there is quite a connection in my own mind between my own Speccy coding days and your part of the world. Not long after writing Ant Attack (and receiving the first royalty cheque!) I took a two week holiday on Lanzarote, a good proportion of which I spent thinking about what to do next on the Spectrum. Although it would be a couple of years before I wrote IOTM, I was already trying to figure out how to do perspective 3D... So... it might be fair to say that the seeds of IOTM were sown right on your own doorstep! s :)

Mats Ranlind

Stockholm, Sweden
Hello Sandy! Great site - I´ve always remembered Ant Attack & Zombie Zombie as some of the best games for the Spectrum. Nowdays when I play some ZX games on a emulator it comes down to just a few titles which stands the test of time - your games are among those. :) I think you should contact NOKIA, It would be a great to be able to play Ant Attack on the cellular phone someday. :)
Hi Mats, many thanks, great that you like the site, and that you reckon AA has stood the test of time! Hmmm... AA on a Nokia... I think I'll go and have a look at the Nokia site see what they are up to! I suspect that probably not too long from now, even if I don't do it myself, it's likely to happen... as phones and PDAs get more and more alike, someone's going to put a Speccy emulator on a phone! It also seems sure that phones will soon be able to download and play games over the network - I know of at least one company working on that right now. If such a standard does come along, I'll definitely look into it! ;)


Manchester, The Arsehole of England
Howdo Chief, nice to see you've got a page documenting one of the greatest 8 bit releases on any format '3D Ant Attack'. I wonder what you would have thought back then about a website and remakes dedicated to your 48K's worth of 0's and 1's :o) btw you can check out my site if you wish, there are a few remakes of your game online - I recommend Tyrone Cartwrights DOS remake, it's the dogs testes even if it is unfinished. <arselick>Just goes to show how good the original was</arselick> =o) As you do replies I'd like to ask a question. Name your top 10 of all-time, in no particular order of course as that would be pointless! Nice to see you around..........
Howdo JJ Thanks for the link, nice site. :) What would I have made of the www etc... i still think the whole thing is pretty extrodinary - back then it would have seemed like a science fiction dream - I think I'd have been very frustrated waiting for it all to come along. I have seen Tyrone C's remake as he wrote to these very pages some time back... but I see he's now added water! Hmmn... my top 10 of all time... that's a difficult one.. Believe it or not I'm not much of a games player... I'll have a go tho... errr. I suppose this is going to sound like a history of video games... Pong, Space Invaders, Marble Madness, Doom, Half-Life, rally driving games in general, errr.. and a flight simulator I played this Xmas that does helicopters very well... um... and go out and buy a Bop-It Extreme (any good toy shop or toys'r'us) immediately (an actual reality toy)!! err... is that 10? err.. can I 'phone a friend? s :)


Mr Gold

Sandy, sorry for using your message board for personal reasons, but once again I’m out of touch with your little bro. If he’s in Ed for Xmas tell him to get in touch through the cameo. It would be good to catch up, I’ll buy the drinks. Brill website by the way, can’t believe it all happened nearly 20 yrs ago. Cheers Kenny G
Hi Kenny, no probs, I'm only sorry I'm so late doing this, I've been way behind with this site. I have forwarded this to the man, so he should get in touch! Hope u are well.. and Happy Xmas and New Year to you dude! s :)

Bad Horsey

Hi Sandy, I recently came across my old copy of Your Spectrum issue 2, the one with the famous Ant Attack competition and map. Just out of curiosity; what was the origin of the odd names of the locations; Droxtrap, Argon's Leap, Oxymine and the like? Somehow knowing those made the game even eerier than it already was...
Hi Bad Horsey, good question! Most of the names were made up specially for the competition & map, some with a serious view to finding descriptive names for places, and some with a bit of a sense of humour - ahem - careful how you say Droxtrap! :)


Hi, I'm an Italian Ant Attack & Msx Fan. I'm searching Ant Attack for Msx, if someone have notice about it, please send me. This is my address: Thanks a lot, Stefano
Hi Stefano, sorry, I don't think there is an MSX Ant Attack. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me (it might be!), AA was never released as an MSX title, which might explain why you have not been able to find it! I seem to remember that there was some talk of converting it for MSX, but the format never seemed to take off and it never happened - a shame 'cos I liked the idea of MSX, an open platform for games that was independent of any particular manufacturer. I still have my Sony "Hit Bit"... and a light pen cartridge... remember those? If Santa brings me a digital camera for Xmas, I'll post a pic in the new year... Merry Xmas :) PS he did!

mark manson

hi how aru love the game you shoud ask sky if the wold put it on open games see you later mark and ferdi ps get windoes XP
Hi Mark!! Good to hear from you again! I hope you are still annoying Joe as much as when you last left a message ;) I don't have Sky TV, but I guess that "Open Games" is an online/set-top gaming thang... I doubt if AA would stand up very well these days beside contemporary games.... well, unless thay had a retro spot.... hmmmnnn... well, ya never know! Meanwhile, you'll have to make do with playing it on my web-site!! ;) Oh... and there's no way I'm going to get Windows XP ever ever ever... and especially now that I can see it doesn't have a built in spell checker! ;) Merry Xmas All! :))

Daniel Warom

Ant Attack! MY GOD! What can I say?! Did anyone ever complete that damn game?! I tried my damnest for 4 years and couldnt do it. Am I crap? Or was it just damn tricky. Mr White, you truly are/were/am/ a genius. Cheers mate!
Daniel... ahhhemmm... how can I put this delicately.... ermmm.. you're crap! (only joking !! ;) But seriously, I think even my Aunt Fanny finished it, and bless her soul, she had passed away before I even wrote it! (bad joke, sorry auntie Fan!) Oh... sorry.. I hadn't read to the end of your message, genius eh? That changes everything! Daniel, you're a gentleman... actually I admit that I never finished it myself, I had to use debugging cheats to get me there! There's a confession... don't tell anyone!! Go on, give it another go!! s :))

Gaz Davenport

Guildford, Surrey
Hi Sandy, just want to say what a privelige it is to be able to leave a message to someone who - and let's be honest here - made one of the most influential games for the Spectrum - nay, the industry! I had a Spectrum from Day One and Ant Attack is easily in my top ten all-time best Speccy games. I completed Ant Attack many times, and have found your website on the game really fascinating. Maybe you have, I can't remember, but did you do anything else on the Spectrum? ...And where on earth was that plane used in AA? I found the Ammo dump, but was the plane just an unused sprite, or does it actually appear in the game? Thanks again, it's been an honour communicating with one of the gurus of the Spectrum! Gaz
Hi Gaz, thanks for all that praise! what can I say? definitely don't feel worthy.. still - influential guru does have a certain ring to it! ;) I shall make hay while the sun shines! Mr Warom above should take note that you finished it so many times!! ;)) I've probably said this before in this site, the plane is indeed an unused sprite, but was at one point used as a kind of cursor during the development of the city, and marked the spot where bricks could be dropped in order to build things. Nice to talk to you too dude! s :)

Paul Wood

Carlisle, Cumbria (UK)
Hello Mr White ^_^ Have to say that I've enjoyed looking through your site, and all the memories it brought back for me. Many were the evenings I'd be crowded around either my own C64 or a friend's Spectrum (we appreciated all machines for their own abilities.... most of the time ;) playing our favourites as challenges... who could get furthest. AA was a favourite because it was so difficult and funny to watch someone shriek as they tried to run away to high ground to escape a hissing ant ^_~ I think you should take a look at this webpage: It has a screenshot from a Gameboy Advance engine someone's working on... for some reason I thought I'd point you towards it as it definately reminds me of something. Fancy trying your hand at some GBA homebrew? ^_~ Oh, and I agree that you should do a section of your site devoted to "I of the Mask".... that game was revolutionary. A mate of mine still pops it into conversation every now and again; you can tell we're a sad lot, can't you! ^_^;;; ...and yes, someone's working on a Spectrum emu for the GBA. It's that & Mario Kart Advance which makes me desperately want one of those things! All the best, and thanks for revealing what happened to "Dick Special"... I loved the look of it, and was really looking forward to it appearing all those years ago.

Hi Paul, I'm glad you enjoyed the site. It's fun for me to hear how you played the old games! I see what you mean about the screenshot... it reminds me of something too... namely a certain game!! ;) As for a section on IOTM... I have been quite tempted to write something about the programming techniques used, but actually I'm not very proud of the game-play at all, so perhaps the less said about that part of it the better! Really it's a question of finding the time... esp. if I'm going to have a go at some GBA home-brew! I hope Santa brought you a GBA and MKA for Xmas! All the best s :)

Andreas Sauer

Cologne, Germany
Dear Sandy, Yesterday I had a few beers with my best friend and we remembered the good old times (where we also had a few beers, I guess). I don´t know why, but at a certain point we talked about a very nice old game: Ant Attack. I would like to play it on my PC, so I need an emulator. Do you know where to get a good one (and the game)? Thanks a lot! Andreas email:
Hi Andreas. Thank you! There are lots of emulators out there, though I don't have enough experience of them to be able to recommend one in particular. (I still use a real Speccy if I want to look at a Speccy game!) I'd suggest a quick search with Google. Alternatively you can play it on this very site in a Java applet on the Ant Ant Attack Page ! S :)


Somewhere to right of here.
I don't believe it! It's true all true! Somebody I know from a BB discovered this place and mentioned it in a thread. Ant Attack! I bought that way back when to play on my Spectrum 48k (the posh one). To me it was the ultimate in game play. Passion, heroism, was all there. Then I lost my tape. By then it was out of production, Spectrum had folded in the way C5 went and I couldn't get another copy for love no money. As time passed I got over the loss but bored everyone I knew instead about the game. "What about...", they'd begin, but I'd leap in, "Nothing like Ant Attack. You youngsters don't know what a real game is like." Eventually I lost my friends as well. I really thought I would never see the game again, let alone play it so: Thank you Sandy, thank you...thank you...thank you! Ant baby, come to Dada!!!
Hi !Leo ... :)) True all true! Thank you for being such an ardent supporter of AA and hanging on in there! I'm only sorry that you didn't come across an emulation before you lost all your friends. Still who needs friends like that anyway! ;) 25 points out of 20 for a cracking roller-coaster of a hard luck story... er... with a happy ending!! Ant baby will always love you! :))


Hi Sandy I found the Edge article about AA very interesting, I love reading stories about the trials and tribulations of game programmers in the old days when computers were young, won't find many of those these days. Although I was around the time of the spectrum I never had one, my first computer was an amiga 600 which was my "spectrum" and I can understand people getting reminisent remembering the old days. Would love to read more about the making AA and what you got up to after it.
Hi Rich, I think you must be talking about last Xmas's Edge -As it happens I like reading these kind of articles too and, like you, have enjoyed reading the Edge "Making Of" series. It was fun to participate, and to see AA there! I was very fond of the Amiga myself, and wrote quite a lot of code for it (Dick Special) though it never saw the light of day... Hmmmn.. There probably is more to tell regards the making of AA, it's just such an effort writing! I'll try and add more about it on the AA page if I can... may take a wee while tho! s ;)
Javier Santos.
Madrid, Spain.
Congratulations for the music of Zombie Zombie, above all the melody you created. Also congratulations for all your videogames. Some years I have been looking for the music of Zombie convinced that it was from a famous composer. It was a surprise you were the composer. Have a nice day.
Hi Javier, I'm very pleased you like the Zombie music, and especially that you thought it was by a famous composer! ClassicSpeccy.mp3 has been downloaded 170 times so far by the way... almost a No 1 hit! Barry's remix has been downloaded 125 times, which is good going as it's a lot bigger. Just for a bit of fun I have been working on some re-mixes of my own which I may post if I get up the nerve! .. Thanks for writing - & have a nice day from me! :) STOP PRESS: 17/01/2002 New remix on music page!
)Raimondo "hutt" Jacksonio
tattoine near bannokburn, third planet
can anyone bloody help me?.......... Im a bit thick.......... I am trying to contact philip Vaughn he worked at DMA and VIS in Dumpdee I want his e-mail address(im his lil cos) also im trying to contact Darren he works at vis in Dundee. he looks a lil like penfold from danger mouse, you know the type. small glasses and a ridicoulous fanny of a beard an english punter. if anyone please knows the whereabouts of these techno freaks email me at or help me obi wan your my only hope!!!!!!!!!
Hi Raimondo, you paint such a vivid picture! Always keen to help - I hope someone will be able to answer your queries about Mr Vaughn and the steriotypical one with the novel facial hair - unfortunately neither are known to me personally. Your message did make me laugh... it's the first time I've heard "Dumpdee"... and you brought back memories of a school trip to Bannockburn (from Falkirk) to see a field. I always wondered why we bothered... I mean.. there was a field near where I lived.... Good luck with the quest, I hope the force finds you.... :)
lazy jones was a c64 game... wasnt it ? Barry
I found this review of a C64 version... but I beleive it was also on the Speccy... I wonder however whether the music the remix was done from Speccy or the C64 version tho?!? Perhaps we could be saved by a technicalityl?!? Anyone interested in C64 remixes could launch from !
Hi Sandy, I just bought one of your splendid T-Shirts from cybercandy and very proud I am to wear it. I remember playing ant attack for hours on end as a kid, I was born in 1973 so I was 10 when it came out. I don't think any games now really have the magic and excitment of those first games on the spectrum. Anyway, it's a pleasure to visit your website and to say hi to you.
Hi Adge, it's nice to hear you bought and like da shirt (Geekstyle's & Modesty B Catt's cool design) I confess to having worn my own from time to time over the summer, half hoping someone would ask me about it so I could proudly announce that I wrote the game! (yes, how sad is that!) Naturally no-one did! Cooincidentally, Dave Green at Geekstyle just wrote to me to say they have sold 84 shirts to date and that a cheque for £168 has been sent to "Sightsavers" !!... so cheers all you who have bought one... I agree the early days were exciting.... and it wasn't just the games, it was the very fact that we were being introduced to a brand new technology... I bet that when TV and radio were new people had that same feeling of excitement. So what do we have to wait for to get our next excitement 'fix'.... Home time-travel machines perhaps... or anti-gravity... Hi from me too! :)
Hi sandy, it's me again the irish fan in Germany. I just want to let you know that I now link to your page from my website (Just click on the screen shot). The blurb reads roughly translated: Games were also available for the spectrum. for example the game "Ant Attack" which was the first 3-D game i ever saw on a home computer. you played the role of a boy or girl depending on the sex you chose at the beginning of the game. you had a, and you had to rescue your girl/boy friend from a city infested with giant ants. Your character had a few grenades to kill the giant ants. There was a time limit too to make the game more dificult. A person called Sandy white wrote this game. The picture is linked to his website where you can actually play the game if you have Javascript activated in your browser.The game is well worth playing even though it looks crude compared to some modern 3D games. If you do play a game, let me know your score, maybe i'll put up an "ant attack" high score section at the end of this page sometime. Should you have any objections or problems with that, just drop me a note and i'll take the link away.
Hi Padraig, excellent dude, no probs with that, in fact it's great to get linked to! + it helps makes the web more... er... webby !! I've linked back to you! Thanks for the translation I definately needed it!... I confess that I don't even know for sure which language your site is written in!! It's not German... is it Irish? Gaelic? ('scuse my ignorance!) atb :)
"Sunny" Sheffield
I blame my wasted childhood on you. And my wasted aduldhood on the Virtual AA on the website. Darn you! Will I get no work done??
Hi Pillock.. heh heh, it must all be part of some devilishly evil plan... er.. that I haven't figured out yet.. Cheers ! ;)
Daniel Bancroft
Notts - UK
WOW what a blast into the past , i remember getting Ant Attack for christmas the year it came out , and i found it a week or so before christmas so i sneaked a few goes on i was hooked.. :o)... 3d graphics like that were soooooo good for there day and i still love the game even though there are loads of new games with better graphics etc.. you still cant beat playing good old Ant Attack.. thankyou for making it
Hi Daniel, tsk tsk... sneaking open pressies before xmas... I'll tell Santa! glad it turned out to be a good 'un tho. I hope you made a convincing job of pretending you hadn't seen it before when you opened it up! Many thanks for the kind words, you're most welcome!
Hi haMES, thanks for the picture of the Polar Bear in the snow... ;)
!Greg Duddle Again
Sandy If you can't sort out the cocktails I should at least get a free t-shirt :-)
Hi Steve (don't think you can hide behind that phoney !Greg Duddle routine!) Hmmmn... you might well have a point... but I'd have to buy one and send it to you... How many Strawberry Daquaris dya reckon that's worth ? ;)
Alex Ross
near Ross-on-Wye, UK
Hi Sandy...I am very sorry to say that I didn't live earlier enough in time to be a part of the Spectrum craze...I was born the year Ant Attack came out, so that whole 'age' completley passed by unnoticed. I have experienced it recently though..a few years ago I bought a CD-rom with thousands of spectrumn games and some emulators..which keeps me occupied to this day... The reason I'm contacting you is because I have two things to say... a)You say you think Barry Leitch's zombie remix is the possible first Spectrum song remix...I'm afraid it isn't. The hit UK number one single 'Kernkraft 2000' by 'Zombie Nation' sampled the music from one of the levels on the game Lazy Jones (how I learned that I don't know...but I checked it out on an emulator and tis indeed the case. But I'm sure you're a close second..) b) I am a producer of all music electronic and I'd love to have a go at doing something to the music from your games...have a look at my website to hear stuff I've done: (I've just got a record deal too, so I cant be all that bad)..If youre interested get in details on the site. Danke
Hi Alex, sorry you missed out on the Speccy years... at least you can, as you say, catch up now with an emulation or two! Thanks for the info regards Barry's remix... Boo Hoo! I'll be updating the relevant pages! I have had a listen to your music.. and it's excellent stuff, though some of it is so high energy in terms of BPM that I almost had a heart attack trying to keep up! I'd be delighted (quite excited in fact!) if you want to have a bash at doing something with the ol' games music.. if you do do something I'll post it on the music page .. I reckon I better jump at the chance before you get rich and famous! ;) bst wshs s :)
Mark Hewitt
Hi Sandy! Second message from me! Good to see the word spreading about your website! Wondered if you are interested in me making a cool FLASH Ant Attack Intro for visitors to your website? Let me know if you are and I'll hook you up! All the best, Mark
Hi Mark, excellent offer.. you might notice a distinct lack of Flash on this site... that's 'cos I worrry that until most people have high bandwith connections there's a potential for irritation waiting for Flash loading times. Having said that, your offer sounds like grrrreat fun, if you're still into doing something I'd certianly host and or link to it.... ;)
Great site... I remember seeing Zombie Zombie for the first time at a computer fair with a synth plugged into the back of a Spectrum, and a crowd of gaping onlookers who obviously couldn't BELIEVE that a Spectrum could participate in that sort of sound generation... How about a bit on I Of The Mask? That was the first time I'd ever seen that sort of texture mapping, and in some ways could be the precursor to Doom et al. Out of interest; there was a game on (I think) 16/48 magazine called Pyramania that nicked the "pitter-patter" sound routine from AA, along with code from Manic Miner...
Hi Crowley, it is very interesting to me to hear that someone actually got the MIDI interface to work, and especially that it was almost a public performance (I always wanted to be a pop star!)... The reason I'm so interested is that although the MIDI interface worked on my own Speccy, I discovered shortly after it was published, that it didn't work on anyone else's! Embarrassing! Your story is the first time I've heard of it actually working on someone else's Speccy believe it or not... I've often wondered if there is some slight variation in clock speed between Speccys... or, more likely, if there was something I wasn't doing properly with regards to initialising Interface1... Will probably never know. Anyway, it has warmed the cockles of my heart to hear that at least one person got it working! I may get round to doing a bit on IoTM at some point... The pitter patter sound would be hard not to nick - it's practically the only sound you can make in the very limited time available between rendering frames... kind of flipping the speaker bit a few times. s :)
Boys... how much i loved that game!
cheers! :)
Z80 was my dad
This was a kicking game, and is still fun today. I loved the way you could be the man or the women!! Da Da DaDa Da Da Daaa Daaa Da Da I'm no good at music and I haven't heard the tune for years but I rememeber it like yesterday!
Hi son of Z80 ;) cheers! aharrr.. you've obviously bin looking at the music page! Specially for you, and anyone else who might have a yen to do a bit of Da Da Da karaoke I have sampled the appropriate drum pattern (called "ROCK-1") from said VL-Tone.. click here and sing along! Happy memories! Da Da Da... ;)
Spain (Galicia)
hi Sandy, thanks a lot for this piece of art!! the game you've programmed is the my all time favourite game, for me you are a hero!! I'd like to know about your future plans and background... what games have you coded? what are your working today? really thanks a lot to you and all that cool people like you who gave us the magic of those brand cute 8bit games. No better game was made even with new psx2 stuff ;)
Hi Pep. Thanks for the great compliment! I could not wish for better. I don't know if everyone would agree with you about 8bit games being better even than psx2 stuff... but OK, twist my arm...& I'll agree that maybe a good Speccy game is better than a crap PS2 one ;) Which is still pretty good going! I do think current games designers really have their work cut out... I think that it was much easier to impress in the 8bit days as people expected less... perhaps the basic principals of gaming were established early on though. Games I've coded... only 3... Ant Attack, Zombie Zombie, I of the Mask (all Speccy). Regards the future, my interest in games persists, despite the fact that I no longer earn a living in that industry.... I will write more about this when I find a mo ;)
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