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Come on in, make yourself comfortable and have a virtual cuppa! So... what's going on hereabouts? Well it's mostly me playing about with webby-things, staking my claim in cyber-space, and, err.. talking to you! When I first started the site, over three years ago, I had no idea what I was going to do with it, and I'm still none the wiser! It has, however, turned out to be a lot of fun... Anyway, have a look round perhaps you'll find something to keep you entertained for a minute or two... oh.. how's that cuppa? Go aawwn... have a top up and a choccy biccy!
Sandy :)


jAn 2010

Switching hosts in anticipation of re-vamping the site sometime this year....

maRch 2007

Just having a look at doing something with the site again. Been enteratained over the past few months watching assorted videos on youtube and I'm fighting a growning itch to contribute something of my own. The following is something of a tech test really, an avi that I had hanging around... quality is a bit rubbish as it was filmed off a monitor using a camcorder. It's a demo of my own physics engine (long ago rendered redundant by the advent of things like Ageia Physx), running in realtime on an ancient P400. I know it looks horribly misogynistic, I assure you its simply because the model of the girl was handy at the time, nothing sinister! I guess I should now point a camera at my own mug and try and entertain you by pulling faces...

Ouch, that looks painful! Embedded youtuberyness!

Embedded pageflake embedding youtube video - hold on, that's just silly!

2004? i sImply can'T bElieve it!

First things first though - many thanks those who sent me the link to "Hey Hey 16k". If you were alive in the 80's in the UK, and haven't seen this, or if you weren't and want to see what you missed, click on the link below (then come back I hope!) MJ Hibbet and Rob Manuel, should you ever read this, thanks for a great laugh, song & video. I love the humour - its all so true! The mention of AA was the icing on the cake for me!

Take me to see "Hey Hey 16k"
I only turned my back for about two minutes, and suddenly its 2004; what happened to 2003, or 1979 come to that? Suddenly you can hang your TV on your wall for the cost of only an arm, 'phones double as camcorders the size of Swan Vestas match boxes, a plethora of gadgets talk and gibber in English, lasers on keyrings confuse the cat, there's an ultra violet LED in your secret message pen, and a branch of Anne Summers right next to W H Smith and not a red face in sight. Well, it seems like the future - but how patchy has been our progress! No time machine, no Martian visitation. And what do we get instead of anti-gravity? We get connected. Your wallet talks to your phone,your PC talks to your... er.. other PC, Britain is bound to Europe via an underwater tunnel that might have induced Captain Nemo to wax lyrical. "So what if you missed 2003!" (I hear you shout), it's only just another year in a long series of them. "But!", I reply, 2003 marked Ant Attack's 20th birthday. I had such plans... I was going to get out the old Speccy, wrap it up, and give it to myself for Xmas (again). I was going to write all about it on this very site, and give away souvenir dessicated ants to the first 500 people to write in... I was going to write Ant Attack II, "Return to Antescher", fully compatible with all portable devices, including the underutilised "Tamagotchi" lo-res platform, and give it a Bluetooth interface so you could play it safely while driving... I guess these wonders will all have to wait, er, for another year...
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what's been happening on this site?

11/05/2004 updated welcome page, removed "strange thing of the month" which had been up for almost a year.. shame on me!

14/07/2003 added a poll to the music page!! mmm... the wonders of .net

12/07/2003 cor blimey! 2 new messages in the Visitors Book... plus a new galaxy shaped hit counter at bottom of this page... (for technically interested bods it is session aware, so it is counting vistors rather than just page hits.... been watching it go up slower than the fastcounter.. plus looks nicer!)

04/07/2003 Yippee! :) Upgraded the site hosting to .net platform, so interactive stuff now possible...

27/05/2003 New messages, new replies in the Visitors Book !

09/05/2003 Zombie Groovemix- MIDI XG remix by Joanne Stewart

12/06/2002 A few pics and words from Xcom 2002 - a recent Festival of Extreme Computing!

20/02/2002 Davide Barlotti's Zombie Zombie MIDI cable re-construction on the
music page !

20/02/2002 Don't miss Steven Knock's amazing Ant Attack Map Editor and OpenGL perspective 3D viewer - full story in the
visitors book !

10/02/2002 Finally proper hosting for - plus graphical makeover & sound !

17/01/2002 Rob Brooks' Zombie Variations MP3 on the music page !!


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This site features a variety of backround music/ambience and sound FX powered by a nice little bit of technology called the "Koan" plugin. All the sounds you hear come with the Koan plugin, the background 'ambient' and musical pieces are all by Tim Mark Didymus (Excellent stuff Tim!).
If you do not see the animated Koan logo at the very bottom of this page, then you don't have the plugin. Fear not! You can nip off to and fetch it for free - don't forget to come back though! ;) In case the background music becomes tiresome, there is a switch at the top of each page, which leaves only the spot fx on. This feature uses a cookie to remember your preferences - so make sure you've got your cookies switched on. No cookies, no sound! That's not a limitation of Koan by the way, just this site. If you can't get Koan for your particular browser, the site should work fine silently.
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I simply couldn't wait for the 80's to make video games... so I made one out of wood!
You can play the 1983 Spectrum game "Ant Attack" on the Ant Attack page >
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speccy glamour shoot
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The "classic" 14" TV of the period, the Sony KV1400 ! ZX Spectrum 48K Sinclair Microvision flat screen TV (watch telly while playing!) ZX ROM cartridges ZX Microdrive Kempston joystick (I think -  the label's come off!) ZX Interface 2

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