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Monthly Archives: February 2013


Master volume

Graphic EQ


Colour Animate


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Toggle Effect

video/audio synch test

The Evanescence track “Bring me to life” heard here is ad supported, and audioswapped onto the video by Youtube, so quite legal… The video was edited to a local copy of the track – the questions were, would it sync correctly once uploaded and audio swapped – and how obtrusive would the advertising be… result above. What’s interesting is that the audio plays for its full length, long past the end of the short test video… It’s not a track I would choose to go with this site… and I wish it did stop when the video ends… however, it serves my puposes for now… woo hooo hooo haaa haaa haaa (or however that is spelled). The butterflies were filmed near Winchester late one summer…

LEGO Antescher

Andi (from planet Germany) sent me a link to this video by CosmicXanadu.

Is there a really good up-to-date word for awesome? .. now I want to build one… I wonder how many Lego bricks would be needed? It’s still strangely spooky looking at that city from these different perspectives. Even after 30 years, I still have strong memories associated with the places, and the shapes of the places. It was like I lived there when it was a building site… Yes, 30 years this year, I guess that’s a whole new post though! Thanks CosmicXanadu :)